Kidnapper, Terry Miles, might soon be facing Murder Charge

Terry Miles' days in court are far from over.

Round Rock Police are looking to get justice for the girls' mother, Tonya Bates, who was murdered. This recent trial focused on the kidnapping of 2 girls by Terry Miles. The murder of Bates in Round Rock remains unanswered for.

“This guilty verdict hopefully is a statement out there to those victimizing our children, we as law enforcement are out there and will get them,” said Allen Banks the Round Rock Police chief.

While Miles was recently found guilty on multiple charges relating to kidnapping and sexual abuse of 2 girls, his days in court isn't over just yet.

“This case isn't over yet we still have work to do,” said Banks.

On New Year’s in 2017, Bates was found dead in a Round Rock home which sparked the search for the two girls, her death remains unanswered for.

“Tonya Bates is a victim as well we have to have closure for her family as well that's why this case is not done with the Round Rock police department,” said Banks.

During the recent trial, Banks said the testimony played a key role in the murder investigation. One of the girls claimed to have seen Miles murder Bates.

“We don't know we weren't there (during the murder) but hearing the testimony in this case especially going forward we can put a lot of pieces together,” said Banks.

While Miles is already set to spend anywhere from 20-years to life in prison, Round Rock Police are already looking into their options to progress the murder case.

“We will work very closely with the Williamson county district attorney's office going forward they will make that ultimate decision,” said Banks.

While Chief Banks is pleased with the outcome of this trial, he said this is far from over.

No word on just how long it will take for the Williamson county DA’s office and Round Rock PD to come up with their decision on how to progress. We'll keep you updated.