City of Lakeway pushes back vote to amend its current at-home business ordinances

The city of Lakeway decided to push back its vote to amend its current at-home business ordinances late Monday night.

The city came to this decision because a single mother, running an at-home daycare, sued when she was denied an additional license for her business after a group of golfers playing on a nearby course complained the kids were making too much noise.

The city is allowing Bianca King to run her home daycare until the amendments are approved. 

"There's a lot to be considered and I think we just have to peel the onion back layer by layer," said Gretchen Vance, Lakeway City Mayor Pro Tem.

Monday, the City of Lakeway met to consider an amended proposal for its current at-home business ordinances.

Documents reveal all current city home occupations must comply with the following:

  • No provision of services or sale of merchandise to a customer on the premises
  • No storage of merchandise on the property
  • The occupation must be essentially undetectable by the public
  • No occupation shall have customers driving or commuting to the home

The City of Lakeway wants to make changes to those rules.

"We are grateful that the city has drafted a new ordinance to allow some home-based businesses in Lakeway," said Bianca King, a Lakeway resident.

This discussion to amend the current ordinance comes after Bianca King was denied an additional permit to run her business after several golfers playing on a nearby course complained about the children making too much noise. She filed a lawsuit to get the city to change its ordinances so businesses like hers could run smoothly.

"We are excited to work together with council and Mr. Mayor to revise the ordinance so we can welcome and support home businesses including family childcare so this ordinance can rise to meet the needs of Lakeway families and support its changing demographics," said King.

Some council members believe this discussion over golfer complaints is absurd and King’s business should be allowed to run with no issues.

"That was a disgrace. I mean, seriously, toys and noise? I'm embarrassed. If it doesn't affect me and I can't see it and I can't hear it and it's not affecting my quality of life more than my neighbors, I don't have a problem. I don't understand why anybody would. It's absurd to me," said Louis Mastrangelo, a Lakeway City Council Member.

One proposed revision was to have no more than three vehicle round trips be allowed at a home business from customers, but that was struck down by council for not being enough.

Council voted to adopt the amended proposal at their next meeting on June 21. Once approved, King will be able to reapply for her license.