Lawmakers to address hot topics in 2015 legislative session

State lawmakers return to Austin today to start another legislative session. There's good news about this year's budget but also some concern about falling oil prices.

Today's session begins at noon.

Over the next 140 days, state lawmakers have a lot they want to accomplish. Republicans have a strong hold throughout state government and they plan to use that power on hot button issues, like health care, open carry gun laws, school funding and setting standards for teacher evaluations. Securing the border is another topic lawmakers will discuss.

They'll also have to balance the state's budget, despite a drop in revenue due to low oil prices.

Oil recently dropped below $50 a barrel for the first time since 2009.

Newly-elected State Comptroller, Glen Hegar warned revenue from oil and gas is expected to taper off but he remains optimistic.

Governor Rick Perry's 14-year tenure ends next Tuesday, when former State Attorney General, now Governor-elect, Greg Abbott is sworn into office as the state's 48th Governor.