LCRA flood control operations continue

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Flood operations continue as the Highland Lakes watershed experiences historic flooding, according to the Lower Colorado River Authority.  

Four flood gates are open at Mansfield Dam, which leads into Lake Austin. The LCRA had anticipated it would have to open up to four more by mid-day Thursday, for a total of eight gates which would be a record of floodgates open at Mansfield Dam. However, officials decided they would NOT need to open additional floodgates Thursday but maintained the possibility that four additional floodgates could be opened over the next few days.

They are encouraging anyone downstream of Lake Travis "to take immediate action to keep themselves and their property safe."

Releases from Lake Travis will mean rising levels in Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River downstream of Austin. 

Flood operations continue at Buchanan, Inks, Wirtz, Starcke and Tom Miller dams. Buchanan has a total of eight floodgates open. 

Lakes Buchanan, Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls and Travis remain closed until further notice.

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