Lt. Governor asks schools to ignore president's instruction on transgender bathrooms

Tuesday, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick made an announcement in his push against the transgender bathroom controversy.

“I will be sending a letter to every superintendent in the state of Texas letting them know they should not move forward with the president's guidelines,” Patrick said.

Patrick is also requesting Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate Fort Worth ISD to see if they're breaking the law by setting their own guidelines for gender neutral bathrooms.

“We will clearly state why they should not implement these policies, why they should not follow the lead of the Fort Worth superintendent,” Patrick said.

Amber Briggle says she fears for her son's future if this goes through.

“What Dan Patrick has done is basically given carte blanche for people to single out my child and bully him and discriminate against him.

She believes the lieutenant governor is taking it too far.
Other parents of transgender children agree with Briggle. They gathered at the Capitol shortly after Patrick made his announcement.

“I, myself am a transgender man, this is personal to me as well. We cannot be using any transgender youth as a political pawn,” Lou Weaver, a transgender man with Equality Texas, said.

As many express their outrage, the lieutenant governor continues to stand by his decision.

“Nobody believes in intimidating or bullying anyone. How about all the parents saying ‘Wait a minute, you're picking on my kids. My daughter wants to be able to go to the restroom without a boy walking in’ or vice versa,” Patrick said.

Patrick also says the administration is overreaching, and undermining local and state government which is why he filed the lawsuit.