Major manufacturer of bump stocks decided to cease sales

Central Texas Gun Works owner Michael Cargill says bump stocks, technology that allows firearms to continuously fire while holding the trigger, was created for one major reason.

“The purpose of the bump stock was so that wounded veterans would be able to fire again. Someone who wants to go back into the military or remain in the military, this would help them. After the military you would be able to use that firearm to go hunting or for personal protection,” said Cargill.

There is a chance the government can make them illegal.

Slide Fire, a major manufacturer of bump stocks decided to cease its sales.

“I don’t agree with it, but I understand. They're seeing the writing on the wall,” said Cargill.

Advocates for stricter gun laws like Texas Gun Sense, say, it's about time.

“After Las Vegas everyone saw the damage they could do. People concluded that there is no reason for this in a civilized society,” said Ed Scruggs, board chair at Texas Gun Sense.

However, Cargill thinks many view bump fire as a threat, specifically because of last year's shooting massacre in Las Vegas. “This is the only thing they can think of, where this was used in a crime, that's it. Out of all the thousands that were sold, it's only been used [for a mass murder]one time. A criminal will use whatever they want to use as a tool to commit a crime,” said Cargill.

Slide Fire made the choice shortly after Dick's Sporting Goods said they would destroy AR style firearms pulled from shelves in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

“If you are strong on the Second Amendment, you’re going to stand up and defend the Second Amendment because you know what it's for and what it means. But if you’re someone who is not in it and it's not in your heart, then we don't need you in this business in the first place. So have a nice day Dick's Sporting Goods,” said Cargill.

“We think it's great. That shows their commitment to change,” said Scruggs.

Slide Fire will stop their sales on May 20 at midnight.