Man responsible for multiple burglaries in West Campus arrested

Austin police say a man responsible for multiple burglaries in West Campus throughout the month of October has been arrested. 

According to police documents, Anthony Zavala-Jasso is charged with three counts of Burglary of a Habitation, one count of Burglary of a Building, and one count of Evading Arrest. 

Below is a timeline of the incidents: 

  • On October 13th, Jasso broke into an apartment off W. 23rd, stealing a credit card then using it later at a 7-11 off Guadalupe.
  • On October 17th, four days later, he breaks into another West Campus apartment. This time he steals a Yeti cooler and some gift cards. During this burglary, Jasso is caught on security camera footage. Later, still, images would be used to identify him and arrest him
  • On the 23rd, at 1:45 am, Jasso was let into an apartment garage by a friend and there were reports of multiple burglaries that occurred. That same morning at 5 am, he was arrested for burglarizing the Buffalo Exchange. 


All the crimes took place in West Campus, an area typically known for housing UT students. "So, for some reason, we're seeing just incredible amounts of crime where people are very emboldened," said Safehorns President Joell McNew. "They are definitely, you know, at a higher level than we've ever seen before."

McNew said that over the past few months, they’ve been seeing an uptick in crime, and it's concerning. 

"Crimes been happening all over," she said. "And it's been different types of crime and you know, all different times of the day.”

According to data from Austin’s Police crime viewer map, from the beginning of 2020 through Tuesday, November 24th, there have been 13 robberies, 63 burglaries, and 567 thefts in the West Campus area. That’s compared to 10 robberies, 58 burglaries, and 421 thefts for the same time period during 2019. 

McNew said that now, many of those who live in the area, are almost use to crime, saying “It's part of going to UT.”

"It's very concerning that we have failed Austinites and UT students to the point where they become desensitized and feel like this is just part of living in Austin," she said. "Public safety is something that impacts everyone's quality of life, and it needs to be addressed."