Manor High School student, cousin of Vanessa Guillen, shot in the head

A 16-year-old Manor High School student was shot in the head on Monday. He is a cousin of Vanessa Guillen, the soldier who was murdered at Fort Hood.

The boy's family says Alan Guillen remains in critical condition.

According to the family, the person who pulled the trigger still hasn't been caught and there are more victims from this shooting, but truly the family’s focus hasn't been on that, it's just right now being there for this child.

Jose Guillen, Alan's father, has spent the past few days at his son's side inside Dell Seton Medical Center.

"Pain, a lot of pain more because he's not doing well," said Jose.

Jose says he, his wife, and other family members have been there ever since they got the call on Monday that his son was shot in the head.

"He's only 16 years old, and he has a whole life of and, you know, college kids, marriage life. And just to see him in that bed is just heartbreaking," said Uriel Guillen, Alan's cousin.

It was a call the family never imagined they would ever receive about the 16-year-old high school student.

"He's in a place where he shouldn't be at. You know, he didn't deserve to be laying down on the bed dying. Because of someone just decided to do that to him. So. I feel miserable," said Jose.

Information has been limited as to what exactly happened from police, but FOX 7 has been told by the family the shooting happened near the P Terry’s on Highway 71 in the middle of the day.

Alan was hospitalized for being shot in the head and remains in critical condition. Another teenager was treated at the hospital then released.

The family says it is believed a few other high school students were involved in this shooting.

"We are calling for justice. We're calling for justice for my cousin because. And we don't know if he'll be here with us tomorrow," said Uriel.

Austin police is working this case. FOX 7 reached out to them for an update on this case several days this week, however, they never got back to us.