Manor ISD parent requests son's re-admission following school threat

UPDATE: Tezra Berner says her 14-year-old son made a comment to his friends that he had a weird feeling about April 18. She says the comment began to escalate and school officials interrogated her son for making a threat. Berner says the comment was taken out of context and her son was soon expelled after a disciplinary hearing.

On Thursday FOX 7 spoke with a representative of Manor ISD. He said the student has not been expelled and is still in the school system.


A Manor Independent School District parent is asking the district re-admit her son after he was expelled for making a threat. 

Tezra Berner said her 14-year-old son made a comment to his friends saying he had a weird feeling about April 18th. She said the comment spread as a rumor around Decker Middle School and soon enough school officials and the school resource officers began investigating the threat.

Berner said her son attended a disciplinary hearing and was expelled. However, the district said the threat was unfounded.

The district sent an email to parents stating: "In the past weeks, we became aware of a threat made against other students and promptly worked with our School Resource Officers to investigate the threat. While the threat was unfounded, over the past weeks rumors of a threat have persisted. Please know administrators have taken every precaution to ensure student safety. We have every reason to believe Wednesday, April 18 will be a normal school day."

Berner said she doesn’t approve of the district’s actions and she believes a lesser punishment could’ve been given. "It's not fair to him he's a straight 'A' student and being taken out of school is going to affect his academics,” said Berner. "I understand that with everything that has been in the news media lately that parents are scared but it comes a time when you've taken things too far. Just because you're scared doesn't mean you should kick every kid out of school that seems like they're a little strange or a little different."

Berner plans to appeal the district’s decision.

The district said they could not comment on a student’s disciplinary actions.