Manor police releases videos of wrecks that smashed two patrol cars

The people in a vehicle shown in dashcam video approaching Manor police officer Shawn Pettersen Sunday morning were allegedly fleeing the scene of a burglary. They didn't get far.

The video of Manor police responding Sunday morning to a burglary call was released to FOX 7.

"These are unavoidable," said Manor Police Chief Ryan Phipps.

Phipps believes the teen driver was traveling at about 25 to 30 mph.

"Very lucky, everyone involved. The officer got away with some bumps and bruises. And the 10 kids packed in this small SUV walked away with no injuries,” said Phipps.

The teen driver is facing charges of eluding police and drunk driving. Multiple charges involving the burglary investigation are also pending for her and the other juveniles taken into custody.

Sunday's crash is the second close call recently for the Manor Police Department. Video from Officer Andrew Cruise shows him getting hit by a red-light runner at the US 290 and SH 130 interchange as he was taking a woman to jail in September. Only the body camera continues to operate.

"It was pretty violent, pretty crazy,” said Phipps.


Pictures from the crash show how the police cruiser was thrown off the roadway and the extensive damage to it. The vehicle appears to flip but it actually spun. Cruise and the woman in the backseat survived because they had their seatbelts on. 

“Earlier on, during the arrest of this individual, she kind of fought the officers in the backseat of the car because she wouldn't let them put the seatbelt on her. And luckily they were able to get the seatbelt on her,” said Phipps.

Along with the two wrecked patrol cars, two others are out because of transmission problems. Until new ones roll in, officers are being told to be careful. Phipps says the city is fast-tracking the replacement process. He also promised traffic enforcement initiatives in Manor are not going to slow down.

"Back in the day, Texas Department of Public Safety had this big push, drive friendly, this is the friendly way, I think a lot of us have forgotten that or maybe it’s the people moving in from out of state, and never heard that message, some of these situations are not necessarily they’re driving unfriendly, but just take the time to pay attention,” said Phipps.

As of Tuesday, the Manor Police Department has 26 patrol cars.