March Against Far Left Violence at Capitol

Hundreds gathered at the Capitol for the March Against Far Left Violence. Counter protesters showed up in numbers creating a tense environment at the south steps.

Dawning riot gear, Austin police and DPS troopers controlled the crowd which had many people there with very opposing views.

Marvina Case, Vice President of Texans United for America, organized the rally. It attracted some alt-right supporters but she says the alt-right message, which can be associated with promoting white nationalism, isn't something she perfectly identifies with.

The information for the event was posted on Facebook. Case says her group does not support white supremacists or racism but she says people often label her before she can explain the group's values.

Counter protesters, some with ANTIFA, did show up to voice their opinions as well.

The march and rally lasted for a few hours and was peaceful. 

Case believes her message was lost in the chaos but she hopes that one day both sides can sit down and have a conversation.