Medical expert shares why Kourtney Kardashian's vaginal health gummy is problematic

Kourtney Kardashian's vitamin supplement brand Lemme is marketing a new product called Purr, a gummy vitamin specifically targeting vaginal health. Some medical experts are saying this could be causing more harm than good.

Family physician Dr. Jen Caudle sat down with FOX 5 to share her professional opinion on this latest viral product.

Some of the claims made by Kardashian's brand about their vaginal health gummies include that it supports healthy vaginal pH levels, a healthy vaginal microflora and overall vaginal health.

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Dr. Caudle says promoting the idea that women's vaginas are not okay the way they are is problematic.

"The message that I take from it is that we need something to make it better," Dr. Caudle says, "to help the pH, the taste, the odor, the this or that, etcetera. That is problematic in and of itself. First of all, women, I'll say, you are fine just the way you are."

Women do encounter issues with their vaginal health from time to time in their lives, Dr. Caudle points out. However, she says that's when women should visit the doctor.

"This concept that we need a gummy, a supplement, a thing to make our vaginas or any other part of us better along this line is problematic to me and I don't agree with it," Dr. Caudle says.

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So, what would Dr. Caudle say to people who think products like these may not be completely necessary, but they can't hurt?

"My issue with these supplements and many others is often we just don't have data, appropriate scientific data, to say really what they actually do and what they don't do," Dr. Caudle says.

Watch the rest of Dr. Caudle's interview above to hear more about her thoughts on products like these.