Mega Millions grows to 8th largest jackpot in history

Across the country, millions of people are hoping to start 2019 with extra money in their pockets, $425 million. That's the current jackpot for the first Mega Millions drawing of the new year. 

It’s is the eighth largest Mega Millions jackpot in history.

“Yeah, it has its incentives. It's a little bit more money, but then there's also more people playing when it's that big, so your odds go down in that, but, yeah, more money also gives me more incentive to play,” said Jacob Wiley, who is a frequent player of the lottery.   

“We had a lot of people yesterday buying Mega Millions because it's getting higher. Each day, it goes up,”  said Saif Bin Sadiq, manager at King’s convenience store.  

Mega Millions lottery players are thinking about what they would do with $425 million. 

“A lot of different things,” Wiley said.   

“I would spend it on me and my kids, just like a new start,” said Leticia Aldaco, who played for the first time on New Year’s Day.  

With the new year, comes new hope that 2019 just might be a lucky one. 

“Everybody's excited for the Mega Millions, you never know,” Bin Sadiq said.  

That excitement is leading to a run for tickets at convenience stores in Austin. 

“You just load up, keep selling, keep selling,” said Bin Sadiq. 
“Well, why not play it?” Wiley asked.  

This is only the fifth time the drawing has been held on the first day of the New Year and only one winner has hit the jackpot on that day, that happened back in 2008.
“I mean, you have the rare odds to get millions of dollars, and why not for a couple bucks just change your luck and especially on new year's day

“New year, new me. What up?” Aldaco joked.  

For just $2 a ticket, people tried their hand at the 1 in 302 million odds to become a mega millionaire. 

“It would be amazing. It would be really great,” said Aldaco.  

“I play all the time and I haven't won yet, but you never know, it might be the one day,” Wiley said. 
“I hope somebody hits from Texas. Austin, Texas,” said Bin Sadiq.  

The drawing takes place at 10pm CST.