Meteor witnessed along Florida's Atlantic Coast

Don’t blink, or you may miss it! A flash of light falling from the sky was caught on camera by Jacob Kelley of Melbourne, Florida early Tuesday morning.

“Just pulled into my yard, and I happened to see a rather large animal run into the woods,” Kelley explained.

He says after seeing that animal, he headed inside to check his home surveillance cameras.

“I kind of noticed that I actually accidentally clicked on that one particular camera and happened to see it out of the corner of the screen,” Kelley said.

He saw something much more interesting. Something moving fast in the sky – lighting up part of the screen.

The 45th Space Wing, at Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida says there was a meteor, though it wasn’t significant enough to be noted by the weather team.

“A meteor is any piece of hard material that comes into the atmosphere and usually burns up,” said Dale Ketcham, Vice President Government and External Relations at Space Florida.

Ketcham says meteors fall out of the sky every night of the year.

“The night sky is very active,” he said.

But we humans have put up so many lights – they’re hard to see. More folks are now getting a glimpse of sky activity in videos.

“It’s not any more than were used to having, it’s just now that there are cameras everywhere and we can catch them,” Ketcham said.

This latest cameo from space – captured in central Florida.