More conflicting testimony in Sanders' trial

The sexual assault trial of a former UT football player is wrapping up. State prosecutors have rested and closing arguments are expected to take place Thursday morning.

Wednesday, the jury heard more conflicting testimony about the on-campus incident.

The young woman, known only as Jane Doe, who has accused Kendall Sanders of rape concluded her testimony Wednesday morning. She told the jury that Sanders and his friend Montrell Meander, who allegedly took part in the sexual assault, "didn't care about [her] as a person."

The incident, which took place a year ago in Meander's UT dorm room, is a “he said, she said case,” according to former Bexar County prosecutor Robyn Katz.

"The only way the jurors are going to be 100 percent sure that something happened-- if they were an actual witness and if they were a witness they wouldn't be on the jury, so they have to really clearly explain what beyond a reasonable doubt means and what the burden of proof is,” said Katz.

Katz, who now teaches criminal justice at a local high school, brought some of her students to observe the trial. She noted how defense attorneys are playing up the lack of forensic evidence to back up Jane Doe's claim of a violent sexual attack.

"If somebody is sexually assaulted, there doesn't have to be major trauma, if there is any harm done, pain... that’s enough,” said Katz. “I think the major thing the jury needs to pay attention to is the credibility of the witnesses, of the victim, of the accused if he chooses to testify.”

Jane Doe told the jury she would do “a lot of things differently” if she could, such as not get drunk, not going to Meander's room to have sex, and not cheating on her boyfriend. Hearing any possible regrets from Sanders during the trial is not likely, said Katz.

"I don't think it would necessarily help his case because once you take that stand, you open up a whole can of worms as far as what the prosecutors can ask you and put you in a corner."

The jury has a lot of conflicting testimony to consider. The biggest so far came Wednesday afternoon from one of the original investigators. He testified Jane Doe told him when she asked Sanders to stop, he did. But the investigators also said she told him the sex with Sanders wasn't consensual sex.