Mother arrested after leaving 2-year-old with homeless

Austin police have arrested a woman accused of leaving her two-year-old son with intoxicated homeless people under an overpass on Monday.

The two transients told police the mother, Felix Marie Jimenez, rode up on a bike and asked them to watch her son as she ran to the store. Neither of them knew the name of the mother or young boy. She was gone for over an hour and a half, a witness accounted.

APD Victim Services says the toddler was wearing fleece pajamas in 100 degree weather and was covered in urine when they arrived on scene. He was dirty and unable to understand basic things like his name or the word "no," according to the arrest affidavit.

He was transported to Dell Children's for an evaluation. 

When officers spoke with Jimenez they say she admitted to using heroin that morning. Officers concluded that she would have had her son at that point. 

Jimenez has been charged with child abandonment.