Multiple car break-ins near popular hiking spots in Austin

Sunday, thieves broke into several cars near the Pennybacker Bridge and Mt. Bonnell parking areas. 

Austin police said those areas, as well as the Barton Creek Greenbelt trail near 360 and Mopac, are common targets for thieves. 

Broken glass is nothing new to those who frequent those tourist hotspots.

“Like all the time, at least like three times a week, it's very often,” said Samuel Box, who lives close to Mount Bonnell.   

Monday, an Austin police officer kept a watchful eye over Mt. Bonnell Road following a rash of car break-ins there the night before. 

“At the hotel they told us to be weary of this area, because, they said, there has been some problems with break-ins,” said Nancy Leskody who is visiting Austin from New York.  

one couple said when they returned to their car after visiting the Pennybacker Bridge overlook around 5pm, they found both of their passenger side windows shattered. A purse and camera hidden in the car were gone. They said there were about 20 victims at that same time. 

“I mean just hearing that definitely makes me think twice about coming here, wanting to be extra certain that the car's secure and that we're secure,” said Stephanis Willich who was visiting the trail with her friends Monday.  

Police said when visiting popular hiking spots, it’s best to take out any valuables and lock the car. Officers said putting belongings in the trunk is not always a good idea because someone could be watching. 

“I always try to park right here in front of the stairs, and I always take all my stuff with me when I go up there,” Box said, referring to Mt. Bonnell. shows 28 car break ins near the Pennybacker Bridge trail in the last six months and 14 near the Mt. Bonnell trail during that same time period.