Muslim supporters deliver a message of peace to anti-Muslim protesters

Marches against Islamic law are being held in more than two dozen cities across the country including in Austin. The group organizing the rallies, "Act for America," claims Shariah law is incompatible with western democracy. But opponents are calling the Marches anti-Muslim and are holding counter-demonstrations to voice an inclusive message.

Mayor Steve Adler and dozens of Austinites came together to show support for the Muslim community early Saturday morning. Community members gathered in front of the Governor’s Mansion and held up hand written signs with messages directed at anti-Muslim protesters.

Co-founder of Austin Texas Solidarity Matt Korn said anti-Muslim groups see all Muslims as terrorist not people. “We often have a large group of people who pay the price for the actions of a few, and recently we've seen actions perpetrated by people who claim to be inspired by Islam," said Korn.

He also said he’s hoping to change that misconception by being a part of peaceful rallies.

"We believe that Muslims just like any religious background are a part of our community and we want to stand in togetherness and solidarity with them," said Korn.

Those opposed to Islamic law were facing off with counter-protesters from behind police barriers.

Austin police and DPS Troopers monitored the scene to ensure protest stayed peaceful and safe.