No one found inside Mansfield Dam after search, LCRA officials say

No one was found after a search at Mansfield Dam, says LCRA officials.

LCRA general manager Phil Wilson gave an update on the incident, saying that the dam is now clear.

"We had a report this morning that one of our employees saw an individual inside the dam in one of the tunnels that wasn't supposed to be there, that was an unauthorized person," Wilson said. 

The employee, following standard protocol, called it in to LCRA's security officers who then called the Austin Police Department and the Travis County Sheriff's Office to assist in making sure the dam was secure, says Wilson.

Wilson says no one was found inside the dam after a thorough walkthrough with a TCSO SWAT team, APD, and TCSO. He also says this is the first time this has happened in his six years with LCRA.