North Richland Hills police officers will be allowed to show off tattoos

(Facebook/North Richland Hills Police Department)

The North Richland Hills Police Department announced it is making a change to its tattoo policy on Friday.

The department has revised the policy to allow employees with approved tattoos to display them while on the job.

Previously, officers were required to cover their ink.

In a post on Facebook, the department said as society's views on tattoos have changed, so have the number of applicants who have them.

"Our hope is that it will not only help us with recruiting but also enhance our current employees' quality of work life," said the post. "We are confident that this change will not affect service but will only add to the ability to better connect with our community and the people we serve."

The Arlington Police Department also changed its tattoo policy this year. The department also opted to allow officers to grow facial hair.