Organization changing way people think about homelessness

House the Homeless is an organization trying to change the way people think of homelessness. 

Activists planted a tree near Riverside Drive by Lady Bird Lake 24 years ago to serve as a reminder of the homeless community.

Each year the organization gathers at the memorial to pay tribute to those who have lived and died on the streets of Austin.

House the Homeless CEO and President Richard Troxell says, that  the tree is adorned "each year with the names, in some different way, so that people on the trail, Austinites, understand what's going on here. That there is a very real cost to not solving the problem of homelessness."

This year more than 130 people were remembered at the ceremony. Although that number is down from last year, Troxell says the community could still come together more to help those living on the streets.

One Austinite stepping up is business owner Tim Scott. Scott and his family are using their company, Mitscoots Outfitters, to give back.

House the Homeless hosts an annual thermal underwear drive to outfit the homeless with clothing they need for the winter. This year the event is December 30 and is expected to help more than 500 people.

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