Perry Portrait Unveiled and Trump Endorsement offered

Former governor Rick Perry's portrait is now hanging in the state capitol. After Friday’s ceremony: Perry talked about being a potential Vice-Presidential candidate - and, why he's not ready to hang up his political boots - just yet.

The unveiling of Rick Perry's portrait Friday morning answered one of the questions that have been buzzing around the capitol.

The portrait is that of a youthful Rick Perry - without the eye-ware that he has worn since a failed presidential bid in 2011.

Texas businessman Red McCombs- a long time Perry supporter and featured speaker for the event- joked that he won a $500-thousand bet on the glasses question even Perry got in on the gag.

"Red, I’m like you, I couldn't remember whether I had my glasses on or off when I did that, but now we know,” said Perry.

Rick Perry entered Texas politics in 1984 as a state house Democrat, then switched parties in '89. In 2000, he became governor when George Bush moved into the White House. For the next 14 years - Perry road a red conservative wave that swept through the capitol - crushing Democrat challengers as well as those in his own party. It’s a trend Perry hoped will continue as he pointed to the portraits that will always be next to his.

"I don’t know whether or not is this Capitol is going to be here for eternity, but it’s going to be here for a pretty long time, and I can’t think of a couple of better guys I'd be in between, happier to be in between, than George W. Bush and Greg Abbott,” said Perry.

After the ceremony Perry said he does not intend to ride off into the political sunset, he plans on working on several statewide campaigns, and Thursday night, Donald Trump also indicated that the former Governor of Texas could possibly make a pretty good Vice Presidential side-kick."

"I’m going to support him,” said Perry when he spoke to reporters.

A formal conversation, he admitted, has not yet taken place. 

"If Donald Trump says Perry let’s talk about you, helping in this role, I’m open to it,” said Perry.

Friday afternoon Trump spoke about Perry’s endorsement during a campaign stop in Nebraska. He noted how the Texas Governor at first described him as a “cancer” on the Party, but remembering that early Primary comment, in the same breath, Trump also complimented Perry.

Several prominent Republicans have said they will not vote for Trump if he is the GOP Nominee.  While it appears that there could be a Party melt down because of Trump, Perry predicted the GOP will eventually pull itself back together.

"I would be stunned if we roll in here Mid October and November if there is not a powerful wall, a wave of republicans, if Donald Trump is our nominee,” said Perry.

As for his legacy - Perry deferred to the former first lady, who said there are subtle images in the portrait that some at first may not notice. The images, according to Anita Perry, were included to reflect her husband’s strong convictions - strong faith, - as well as his support for those who have served and sacrificed for the country. There is also a little Aggie pride in the portrait; Perry is wearing his Texas A&M class ring.

The painting was done by James Tennison. He is a Fort Worth native- who also painted the officials capitol portrait for former governor Ann Richards.