Police, loved ones continue search for missing Ennis woman

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Family and friends are intensifying their search for a missing Ennis mother who has been missing for almost two weeks.

Emily Wade was last seen on January 5. Her mother says she was headed to a coworker's house.

Detectives are still treating the 38-year-old mother’s disappearance as a missing person case. They are not releasing any updates about the investigation, including whether or not they are working any new leads.

In the meantime, Emily's brother, Chad Wade, is working with a volunteer search and rescue team hoping to find some answers on his own.

Sifting through the thick brush that surrounds Bardwell Lake in Ennis, volunteers with the Louisiana-based Cajun Coast Search & Rescue Team used trained K-9s to try and find any trace of Emily.

Chad also flew in from Kentucky to search for his missing sister.

Emily was last seen in a silver 2012 Nissan Altima with Kentucky plates. Her mother says she went to a coworker's house to have dinner and watch a movie. That co-worker told investigators she left a few hours later. Police say they retraced possible routes Emily took and even flew a drone over the area. However, they did not find any sign of her or the vehicle.

“I think this is a carjacking or abduction,” Chad said.

Emily shares an apartment with her mother in Ennis and has a 7-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Jared Jones, who also lives in Ennis.

A police spokesman told FOX 4 detectives have cleared Jones, the unidentified coworker and Emily’s mother as persons of interest.

At the Walmart where Emily’s ex-boyfriend works, volunteers handed out flyers hoping Emily's face and car will spark a new lead in the investigation.

“It’s getting discouraging, but we have faith that something has got to turn up,” said volunteer Maurissa Crow. “With nothing being found yet, something has to turn up and give us some direction to go in.”

The Ennis Police Department posted a video with pictures of Emily Wade and her Nissan Altima. So far, it’s been viewed nearly 70,000 times.

Emily's mother says she's in agony while waiting for any news on her daughter's whereabouts.