Police step up security during gay softball world series

For the first time ever, Austin is hosting the gay softball world series. The teams gathered on 4th Street for a block party Friday. Austin police are stepping up stepped up security for the event.

It's the first time Austin has hosted the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance Softball World Series, and it's a big event and celebration.

“We wanted to say thanks for all the business and fun times. So we are going to close off the street,” said Dane Smith, general manager at Oilcan Harry’s.

Officers were out in full force and had the street blocked off between 6:00 Friday and 2:00 Sunday. Oilcan Harry's threw the party. Police say aside from it being a block party, they want to especially look out for the LGBTQ community in light of the Orlando massacre back in June.

“Security is something we hold dear right now. A lot of people want to see an increased presence,” said Smith.

Austin police say that's the plan. The Orlando shooting was a tragic event, but it only brought the community closer.

“There's a sense of pride and bond between all of us and we want to make sure we stand strong,” Smith said.

This block party will feature something new and different, “Quiet Clubbing.”

“It's a set of head phones you wear. You have three different DJ's playing three genres of music

“Hip-hop and R&B on the blue channel, electronic music on the red channel and on the green channel you have 70's 80's 90's throwback hits,” said Ezequiel Ramos,  Quiet Events, events director.

Saturday the bar is throwing another unrelated block party that will have a police presence. It's a fun way to close the NAGAA world series-collectively between APD and Oilcan Harry's they want to make sure it's also a safe way.

NAGAAA has been around since 1977. There are several member cities who bid for the world series each year. Austin won that this year.