Polk teacher resigns over too much student testing

When Dr. Wendy Bradshaw posted her resignation letter online, she just wanted to share her thoughts with fellow educators in Polk County. Instead, she got an outpouring of support from across the country.

Bradshaw's post got more than 24,000 likes on Facebook within a few days.

In her resignation letter, Bradshaw, who was teaching at R. Bruce Wagner Elementary, said she couldn't stay in a system that over-tests children to such a degree.

"Kindergartners are being forced to skill and drill, to teach them how to fill in bubbles," Bradshaw told FOX 13.

Bradshaw said there is so much emphasis on studying for tests, other areas are limited.

"They are completely losing out on their social skills," she said. "They don't know the names of the other children."

There is a growing movement to review how many tests are given in school, and how much weight they hold.

Student test scores weigh heavily when teachers are being evaluated. They also help determine what grade their school gets, which factors into how much money the school gets from the state.

In January, Bradshaw plans to go to Tallahassee with other educators to lobby lawmakers for change.