Pride flag stolen from Cedar Park church, again

Video evidence from Church of the Savior shows a man pulling up to the church, getting out of the car, snatching the pride flag, and driving off. 

"The flag has been stolen a bunch of times, it really has," said Rev. Mark Dowell. 

Church of the Savior is open to all sexual identities, gender identities and gender expressions.

It teaches Christian literature from the Bible, The pride flag in front of the church represents the support of the LGBTQ+ community.

"Being a church that welcomes everybody, it fills me with complete joy and happiness to know that anybody can walk in this door," Rev. Dowell said.

Rev. Dowell says a member recently purchased a mounting kit and the flag valued at close to $150 and placed a tracking device on it after the previous thefts. 

"My thought is, why are people doing this? What is the hate about?" Rev. Dowell.


The church says it was stolen twice with the device attached and returned after it was tracked, and police were called.

One of the suspects says it was a dare from friends. Another says it was taken due to religious beliefs. 

"It is plain as day: Thou shall not steal," Rev. Dowell said. "It's right there, number eight, one of the big ones, you know, so it is hard for us to understand that, but it makes me feel sad, and then I feel angry."