Principal assaulted during fight at Manor Placement Campus

Police have arrested six students in Manor following an incident on a school campus. They said it started with an assault on the principal at the Manor Placement Campus or MAP.

Manor Police said it started during lunch time Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 when students are taken by bus to another school cafeteria. For an unknown reason, one student wasn't being allowed on the bus. Craig Struble is a Sergeant for the Manor Police Department, “ The Principal, Dr. Jones, tried to talk him down, stood in between him and the door  of the bus and the student tried to push past him and that's when he tried to push past him he became physical  with the principal, including throwing punches ,” he said.

That student has been identified as 17-year-old Osifo Cameron.  Manor Police said while law enforcement was trying to handcuff Cameron, five other students got involved. “They got upset just about that he was being handcuffed and since I guess they were upset that he was going to jail and decided to interfered and that's when they also were detained and arrested.”  17-year-old Alexis Rosales, 17-year-old Janishi Coleman, 18-year-old Javon Clark, and two juveniles were taken into custody.

Both MAP and the Excel Academy that houses MAP were placed on lockdown as a precaution for about 30 minutes while law enforcement got the situation under control, a situation they said they don’t usually see. “If anything we are arresting the one kid that caused the issue and we are done with it. But this was it escalated cause the students, additional students, kept interfering which led to putting officers safety at risk, teachers safety at risk and other students safety at risk," Sgt. Struble said. An incident that put a lot of people's safety at risk, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. “The Manor Police Department, Travis County, fire, EMS, and the school staff all did a good job quickly reestablishing control, everyone was safe including the students,” Sgt. Struble said.

Cameron is facing charges of Assault on a Public Servant. The other five are facing charges for Interference with Public duties.

The principal had minor injuries and was treated on scene by EMS and is expected to be okay.