Pro golfer Andrew Landry talks after Moonshine Sweet Tea endorses him

Unknown, unsponsored underdog Andrew Landry stunned the audience at the recent U.S. Open golf tournament. He had an opening round of 66, the lowest first round score ever in a U.S. Open hosted at the Oakmont Country Club, but he's not letting the hype get to him.

“I'm still the same person, still the same guy,” Landry said.

If you didn't notice, during the tournament Landry sported a Moonshine Sweet Tea arm patch. Moonshine Sweet Tea is an up-and-coming Austin-based company that decided to sponsor Landry.

“It couldn't have happened better. He was in the U.S. Open, he was going phenomenal, had a record round,” Remmy Castillo, partner at Moonshine Sweet Tea, said.

So the company took what many call a large risk, becoming the golfer's lone sponsor. They say they did it because they believed in him.

“My main goal was to try to build a relationship with the Austin community,” Landry said.

Moonshine says they thought about sponsoring Landry a couple of months ago but weren't able to justify the expense. Being a company only seven years old, they are careful with how they spend their money. They say this time around, it was a no brainer to choose him.

“He shares a lot of the same values. He's very heavily involved in giving back to children’s charities and so is our company,” Castillo said.

The company's investment paid off. Landry maintained his huge lead, beating out superstars, Phil Mickelson, and Jordan Spieth. Even though he did not win, Moonshine feels confident going forward and so does Landry.

“I still want to go further and try to establish my image here in Austin and also trying to figure out a way to help the community out,” Landry said.

Moonshine signed Landry for the remainder of this PGA season. At the end of the season, both parties will decide if they want to re-sign or not.