Rashad Owens Trial: Day Two

Graphic video was shown to the jury Tuesday in the Rashad Owens capital murder trial. The video shows the police chase down Red River last year and the chaotic aftermath that was left behind.

The first images introduced as evidence were recorded moments after Owens drove through a crowd of people on Red River. Videographer Eric Sagotsky told the jury he was there last year to record a SXSW music venue when everything changed.

"I heard screaming behind me and I turned around and there were people running out of the street and I immediately kind of realized that there was some thing very big happening and somebody could probably use the video footage later," said Sagotsky.

The time to reveal what Sagotsky recorded has now come in the form of Owens' capitol murder trail. The video was too much for some to watch. One woman ran out, while others who lost loved ones sat a cried. Among the four people who were killed was a friend of Erica Hall. She testified about who their night often and music changed in an instant.

"I remember coming from the food truck. I remember coming from the food truck and was grabbing something to eat to take back to the car and I just remember I guess I didn't make it to the car. Waking up on the stretcher," said Hall.

The jury also got to see the incident unfold from two different vantage points. Both show how quickly it all happened.

Security cameras from an apartment at the corner of 9th & Red river recorded the car Owens was driving. He traveled the wrong way and then dashed past the garage entrance and through a group of people with a police car not far behind.

Officer Lewis Traylor testified he tried to stop Owens near 12th and I-35 for not having his lights on. His dash cam recorded how they pulled into a convenience store. But Owens drove out, went up to 9th and then thru a barricade on Red River.

"As I made the turn, the camera turns with the car, so you don't see initially what I saw. As I'm looking out the window which is down, I can hear the sounds of flesh being hit by metal which is a terrible sound. As I'm looking down there all I see are people flying what appears to be 20,30 40 feet into the air just being hit and I can hear the vehicle, the suspect vehicle accelerating as it is doing it," said Traylor.

Owens came to a stop after crashing into a car on 10th street.

"He has the door wide enough to squeeze out, makes eye contact with me and then takes off running," said Traylor

Owens had to be tased twice before being taken  into custody. Testimony Wednesday is expected to be dominated by forensic experts.