Rattlesnake slithers its way into class at Bowie High School

A Bowie high school classroom received a startling guest.

AISD said a rattlesnake was found and all students were cleared from the room until it was caught. While the school sent out letters to parents not everyone was notified.

This isn't the first time a rattlesnake was spotted at the school.

On Tuesday AISD reported a 14-inch rattle snake was spotted near the track.

An unexpected guest slithered its way into class and it wasn't looking to learn. “We were glad to be notified,” said Hope Duncan a parent with the school.

A 12-inch rattle snake was found inside a Bowie high school classroom.

The students and staff were cleared in the area until the AISD integrated pest management team could contain the snake. “I was born and raised here in Texas you're used to it but around a lot of kids like that who might panic or do things teenagers do as far as messing with it, it is defiantly an issue,” said Stephanie Shropshire a parent with the school.

Parents used this opportunity to teach their kids about what to. “We brought it to (our son’s) attention, reminded him to pay attention be careful especially now in class,” said Duncan.

While the school notified parents via a letter, FOX 7 found not everyone was aware. “I did not get that notice at all it's not like I don't check the website everyday but I did not receive an email or any indication that there had been a problem,” said Shropshire.

“To not receive or even a phone call or an email I am signed up for the email list,” said Shropshire. What concerns Shropshire is the fact that if something else happens at school she may not know about it. “It is hard to get in and out of this school and if something where to happen defiantly would like indication it's a problem if parents don't receive notices like that,” said Shropshire.

AISD urges parents to call the school their kids attend to see to check if they are signed up to received alerts, if not then they can set it up for you. AISD urges student not to touch snakes or any wild animals which happens to make its way onto school grounds.

In September, a rattlesnake was also found at manor ISD.

In that case police say recent rains brought out numerous venomous snakes across the area.