Relief efforts continue in Fayette County

Roger Rideau fled Richmond, just near Houston, to get away from Harvey.

“We get here, and the water is up to the deck, the's about 3 or 4 feet in the trailer. We were lucky it didn't get in the house,” said Rideau.

He  and his family came to la grange to his father in law's home. The storm didn't spare this small city.

“We didn't know. Really we had no idea it was as bad as it was,” said Rideau.

The flood ravaged homes and businesses all around La Grange. Many came back to their homes, only to find them destroyed.

“From the top of my house, you can see the horizon of the water,” said Shawn White, La Grange resident.

“It was crazy, it was mad, everybody is just going this way, deer going that way,” he said.

“I was born and raised here and there's never been a flood like this,” said Lisa Corker, a La Grange business owner.

Dean Aschlager helped save many animals trapped in the floodwaters.

“We got about 35 cattle out on the other side of town. They were up to the neck in water. We took them down to North Main St. and put them in a safe spot on a hill,” said Ahlschlager.

The city is now in recovery mode, as is the rest of Fayette County.

As Roger Rideau and his family continue to cleanup in La Grange, they hope and pray they have a home to go back to in the Houston area.

“We hope the Brazos River doesn't reach the levy and flood the neighborhood. We will wait and see so we will probably be here for a while,” said Rideau.