Resolution could designate cowboy hat official hat of Texas

The cowboy hat could soon be named the official headgear of Texas.

Georgetown Realtor Gene Jantzen said it was in June 2013 that he realized something was missing from the Texas Almanac.

"I started looking through and I found the cowboy boot is the official Texas shoe, I found the bolo tie is the official Texas tie, there's no hat!" said Jantzen.

Jantzen shared an idea to designate a state hat with State Representative Marsha Farney.

"I said, 'Marsha, we have an opportunity. We have to get the cowboy hat registered.' And she thought it was a fantastic idea," said Jantzen.

Farney created a resolution to make the cowboy hat the official hat of Texas. It was submitted Monday.

Jantzen said a cowboy hat is the perfect fit for the Lone Star State.

"I just think that a cowboy hat fits what we are as Texans. And being a native fifth generation Texan, it's something that's a part of my personality and should be a part of our state personality," Jantzen said.

Cowboy hats made their first appearance in the U.S. in the 19th century. The hat provided shade for those working long hours in the Texas sun, and it soon became somewhat of a fashion statement in the southwest.

"You get into the smaller towns around here, most people kind of have their own crease. After a lifetime, most people will know who's wearing the hat just by seeing the hat on the table," said Cavender's Assistant Manager Scott Wall .

Wall said at Cavender's he personalizes a hat for each customer. In just minutes he can take a flat brimmed hat and size it, steam it, and shape it.

After this legislative session, the cowboy hat might be one more way to represent Texas.

"Next time they publish [the Almanac] in 2016, it'll be in the book," said Jantzen.

The resolution was filed with the 84th Legislature. There is no official date for when they will consider the proposal.