Runner creates group to protect other runners

Women who use the trails are on high alert after Austin police arrested two men accused of exposing themselves.

Police said the incidents happened at Vic Mathias auditorium shores and east 4th Street. It's something no one who’s looking to better themselves should have to go through. This is the message Kathy Redden is trying to send after her and others have gone through something similar.

"I'm so angry that these things keep happening in our city," said Redden. She has run into similar incidents herself while out on a run. "I run with pepper spray and it's made for runners. It's very light and very easy to use," said Redden.

Last week, 28-year-old, Michael Gabriel Jones was arrested after someone claims he exposed himself along Vic Mathias shores. In the same week, 42-year-old Jamil White was also arrested for exposing himself to two women, this time on east 4th street. White has a history, having been arrested over a dozen times in the past.    

It's incidents like this Redden said sparked the idea to start a running group.

"3 people were attacked on the trails all within about a month and I was just frustrated cause that's just a horrible feeling to be female and scared to run," said Redden.

Called Community All Levels Run, she said people should feel safe especially as exercising isn't easy in the first place. "We're all levels, it's very open. Everyone thinks running groups are competitive and so they are afraid to use this resource but I think it's really good resource for women," said Redden.

Redden says no one should feel scared when it comes to making your life healthier. They meet every Monday morning around 5:45 at Tetra fitness on west 6th street. It's free and anyone is invited.

Redden recommends people always try to run in a group.