San Marcos police searching for teen involved in stealing cars

Police in San Marcos are looking for a teenager who they say was involved in stealing several  cars Tuesday morning. The thefts happened on the South side of town in an apartment complex along Hunter Road. Investigators say several teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 17, came down from Austin in a stolen car, and fled with three other cars from the apartment complex.

"You tend to watch the police movies, and as a police officer you go, yeah, that never happens but this was almost to that extent. Where you have four different vehicles, all of them stolen, occupied by different people and they begin to split when the officers arrive or when they know they're caught," said Assistant Chief Robert Klett.

All the vehicles, according to Klett, were easy targets. "Not only were the vehicles unlocked but two of the vehicles that were stolen here had the keys left in the vehicles making it incredibly easy for the the thieves to just drive off in the cars."

Two suspects were caught near the apartment complex after wrecking into each other.

Another was caught in Austin.

The teenager who remains on the run is Identified as 17-year-old Christian Pacheco.

He was able to slip away after he abandoned the car he was in near his home in Austin.