Shots fired as suspect breaks into Travis County constable's vehicle

A corporal with the Travis County Constable Office is recovering after confronting a suspect breaking into his patrol unit.

"So fortunate that this incident didn't take a worse turn and that no one, neither my deputy nor that suspect, was injured even more critically," said Pct 1 Constable Tonya Nixon.

Constable Nixon says one of her corporals suffered minor injuries after taking on a suspect who broke into his patrol car.

The incident happened at 6:01 a.m. at 12501 Tech Ridge at a North Austin apartment complex. 

Constable Nixon says her deputy was awoken by the sound of gunfire and when he looked outside, he saw his patrol unit’s door was open and someone was inside it.

"The corporal proceeded to go downstairs. He engaged the suspect in a struggle," she said.

The confrontation was brief. There was a struggle between the deputy and the suspect, and a chase took place. In the end, the suspect was able to get away after a pursuit. 

"[The deputy] sustained minor injuries. He's suffering scrapes and bruises. At the time, we didn't know if his finger was broken or dislocated. It was confirmed to be dislocated, so he's resting now," said Constable Nixon.

Constable Nixon says the initial investigation shows the damage to the patrol could mean the suspect had a gun.

"I have been told it was confirmed that some shots were fired inside that vehicle. The suspect shot inside the unit causing the damage. Those are the gunshots that my deputy heard," said Constable Nixon.

The deputy is expected to be out for a few days.

"I've only talked to him briefly to make sure he was okay, but we are trained not only when we're on duty, but because of the job that we've been doing for years, when we're off duty. We're trained to handle situations to the best of our ability," said Constable Nixon.

Austin police are investigating this case.