Storms cause damage in Central Texas

The storms started moving into the Austin metro area shortly after 9 o’clock Friday morning.

For some the rush-hour became a rush for cover.

Heavy rain swamped low lying areas like the great lawn. Several main roads also flooded one problem spot was along Barton springs Road, between South 1st and Lamar.

By 10:00, dark clouds started to roll into downtown; they dropped down like a gray blanket.

In a matter of minutes a clear view of Austins skyline simply faded away 

The Swirling winds spun construction cranes atop two high rise buildings. The powerful gusts did cause scattered damage. Near Dripping Springs, Tyler Higgins says his parents property took a hit.

“Luckily it was in our bathroom water was coming coming in from above the window I think maybe some roofing came off and allowed the water to come in, so luckily it’s all going into the bathtub draining out but there is some damage there,” said Higgins.

In northeast Austin this roof was torn from a building on Westminster Drive. No one was hurt.

Lightning struck a tree at the Austin Humane Society. Part of it fell blocking the handicap access pathway. Officials in Fredricksburg also posted pictures of storm damage there.

Several trees were knocked over and knocked out electrical power.

After the storm line passed through it continued to rain.

As a result, the threat shifted from the sky to low-water crossings.

Hays County officials issued a warning about low water crossings along Barton Creek like the one along CR185-Trautwein Road. Barricades were not up at this location but only a few inches of water can sweep car off the road.

Despite the danger, we saw about a dozen vehicles drive into the rushing water.

At the time, the flood gauge showed the water was a foot deep. “You can just drive around and go 290 or something like that maybe take you 15 more minutes but it’s not worth it,” said Higgins.

A couple of drivers recognized the risk. They turned around and took a different, much safer route.