Sunset Valley officer shoots and injures robbery suspect attempting to escape

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an officer involved shooting in Sunset Valley. Sunset Valley Police responded to a glass break alarm Sunday (7/29) around 4 a.m.
The officer who arrived on scene described seeing a broken glass door and a man leaving Zales Outlet in the Sunset Valley Village Shopping Center. The suspect has been identified as Marc-Antoine Carrillo.

Sunset Valley PD said the officer shouted commands at Carrillo but he refused to listen. The officer then pulled out his Taser to try and stop Carrillo but that didn't work either.

Authorities said the suspect jumped into his car. As he was reversing out of the parking spot, he ended up dragging the officer.

Police said that's when the officer pulled out his gun and shot Carrillo hitting him in the elbow.

Travis County deputies chased Carrillo up the road and arrested him.

Sunset Valley PD said the officer is doing okay.

Carrillo was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. He is booked into the Travis County Jail facing charges of burglary and aggravated assault.