Suspect arrested, charged for sexual assault of 15-year-old

The Austin Police Department has arrested a suspect for sexual assault. 24-year-old Tyler James Hunt has been taken into custody and charged with sexual assault of a child, a second degree felony. 

According to the police, Hunt sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in his van. 

On Monday, April 23, police officers responded to a call from a mother in the 600 block of North I-35 regarding a runaway child. When police arrived on scene, they spoke to the runaway child (victim). 

The victim told police that she went to dinner on Saturday night with her mother at a PF Chang's on San Jacinto Street. The victim told her mother that she was going to the French cafe around the corner while her mother paid for the bill. According to the victim, an older model tan van pulled next to her and parked while she was walking towards the cafe. 

A white suspect wearing a mask exited the van and came round to force her into the passenger door. The victim could see that the suspect had blonde hair to his shoulders and blue eyes. 

The victim's arms were tied down. The suspect drove the van around for a while before parking. After the suspect parked, he sexually assaulted the victim. According to the victim, she was untied and allowed to use a restroom on Monday morning near the Plaza Saltillo, a metro station. 

According to the victim, she took off running as soon as she was allowed out of the van. 

The victim than made contact with her mother and police officers. After listening to the victim's account, police officers with the Austin Police Department remembered seeing a van that matched the description the victim gave them. The police officers searched the area and were able to locate it. 

The van was occupied by a white male who matched the description of the suspect. 

The suspect was identified as 24-year-old Tyler James Hunt.