VIDEO: Suspects seen throwing rocks at East Austin home

An East Austin man says a group of people have been throwing rocks at his home and shattering his windows. This has happened three times in the past month, and it's all caught on camera.

In video from Saturday, August 5, you can see three people walk outside Alfonso Olvera's house, pick up rocks, and throw them at the house before running off. 

"I'd like to think that it's just mischievous kids doing stupid things, but it is definitely concerning," Olvera said.

That was the third time it's happened. The first time was on June 26, and the second time on July 5. All of these happen between 9-11:30 p.m. 

"It's the same group of individuals, I would say 18-20 year olds that are doing this, and I really don't understand why," Olvera said. 

He says after spending thousands of dollars to fix his windows the first two times, they were damaged a third time.

"It's been very frustrating for us," Olvera said.

It's also a safety hazard.

"I could've been there," he said. "That's the room where my dog is usually at, and God forbid something happens to her, because I would go nuts. For all they know it could be a baby's room, they could seriously damage a person by doing this."

Olvera says he's planning on removing the rocks outside his fence and has added more cameras and floodlights. 

"It's worrisome definitely, especially at night," he said. 

He says he hasn't dealt with any serious crime before in the five years he's owned the house. His neighbor has had his car broken into, and they suspect it's the same group of people. 

Olvera says this would be his message to the suspects. 

"Go back to school and stop doing stupid things, there's way better things to do and more fun than this and honestly being in Texas I think you should be careful because a lot of people will respond with violence immediately," he said.

Austin police confirmed they are investigating a case of criminal mischief.