SUV plows into Pflugerville car lot

The Travis County Sheriff's Office responded to a crash Tuesday, saying a woman's SUV flipped over on impact at the Rockville Motors off I-35 in Pflugerville.

“She was swerving around somebody, accelerating, and with the street being kind of wet from the little bit of rain we had, she hit the pole and went airborne,” said general manager Paul Vyvjala. "She's very lucky she didn't lose her life."

Vyvjala was doing his normal duties before he got the unsettling surprise.

“I was in the office, I saw this dust and a car going in the air and we all ran out here. She was taken to the hospital, not life threatening but she is pretty beat up. She didn't have her seatbelt on,” said Vyvjala.

The manager says her SUV damaged at least five of his cars. He said unfortunately, this is not the first time a car has plowed into his lot.

“It never happened until about 8 months ago when the gentleman lost his life. It totaled ten of our cars, went airborne,” said Vyvjala.

This frontage road stretch is heavily traveled and Vyvjala just hopes people will be more aware of their surroundings and slow down.

“A lot of people speed going up and down this feeder road,” he said. "It's a long stretch between Wells Branch to Grand Avenue."