TCSO charges man with tampering with father's body

We have new information about the death of a 60-year-old man in Dripping Springs.

Sheriff's deputies have arrested his son, Skye McMillon, in connection to his death. We're learning this isn't the first time McMillon has been in trouble with the law and, it was also in connection to his father. He remains in the Travis County Jail Tuesday night.

Video was given to FOX 7 by an anonymous neighbor, showing the Travis County Sheriff's Office surrounding the home where a decomposed body was found.

"It's been disturbing. I've waken up two or three times per night and I just continue to feel grief in my heart. I wish I could do something to turn back time," said anonymous neighbor.

24-year-old Skye McMillon is charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence related to his father's suspicious death. He has been identified as 60-year-old Steven Nurse.

According to court documents, his employer had stated he had not shown up to work since July 10th. They alerted the Travis County Sheriff's Office on Sunday asking for a welfare check. Deputies responded to the home of Nurse, on Sandy Beach Road in Dripping Springs, where they say they could smell a foul odor.

A badly decomposed body was reportedly discovered lying on the floor in the downstairs bedroom.

It was later identified as Nurse. Deputies say it looked as though salt was poured on top of the body and there were burned candles nearby, leading them to believe it might have been used to mask the odor.

Court documents state that while processing the scene, investigators discovered that the body was moved from the living room and that the area was cleaned. Neighbors don't know what to think.

"I'm just praying for his family. I don't know who might be around but I'm just praying for peace for them and that God would just comfort them, help them through this difficult," said anonymous neighbor.

Nurse's cell phone was pinged, which located authorities to his vehicle. In the vehicle was his son Skye McMillon. In an interview with authorities, he says he had taken his father to Seton hospital and never went back to check on him. No records of that were found.

McMillon has been arrested before. In 2011 he was charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury. The victim being his father. According to court documents, he beat Nurse over the head with a shovel while he was sleeping.

"It's very sad for us. Just looking across the road, I still want to cry," said anonymous neighbor.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office says more charges could be added. The cause of death has not yet been released.