Teen accused of illegally keeping venomous snakes in closet

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An 18-year-old Florida man is accused of illegally keeping venomous snakes in a bedroom closet at his Fort Lauderdale home.

The Sun Sentinel reports a state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports says officials confiscated several snakes found alive, including one copperhead, two canebrakes and seven Carolina pygmies. The report says two other snakes were found dead and rotting in a plastic container that housed a maggot-filled water bowl and a live snake.

The newspaper didn't identify the teen, who was charged with several offenses including not keeping the snakes in an escape-proof room. He appeared in court Tuesday and agreed to complete a misdemeanor diversion program, which will remove the case from criminal court. He was fined $25 and ordered to complete 25 hours of community service.


Information from: Sun Sentinel , http://www.sun-sentinel.com/