Teen beaten at park, father asks attackers to come forward

Nineteen-year-old Isaiah Berron was once a spry young man who liked to go to Edward Rendon Park for Low-Rider Sundays occasionally.

“It's like an every Sunday car thing. They want to be there with their cars and everything," Isaiah's dad Eric Berron. "He listens to music, he likes cars, fancy cars and things like that. There's nothing wrong with that. He's a good kid, he doesn't look for trouble, never been a troublemaker."

But he left the park Sunday on a stretcher. Berron said his son was jumped by a couple of guys for no reason and he has video that has been shared on social media to prove it.

“My son was standing at the back of the car. You can see where the guys came out of nowhere and attacked him. He was just standing there just taking the hits. That's when he went down and got kicked,” said Berron.

Isaiah suffered many injuries including a bleeding brain.

“The bleeding has stopped that we know of. He does have a little head movement, he does open his eyes,” said Berron.

He is happy his son is still alive and fighting, but the people responsible are still out there. He's pleading for them to come forward.

“You have to understand the pain that you all are causing to my family and to everybody right now. It's hard, it's hard,” said Berron.

Bertha Rendon-Delgado is the granddaughter of this park's namesake. She believes a Sunday family tradition can become a thing of the past, if more is not done to prevent these attacks.

“To have this happen it scares us, because now we have to be very, very careful about who is entering the park and why are they coming to the park," she said. "Are they coming to show off their vehicles, are they coming to bring violence?”

She has contacted police to see what steps they can take to improve safety at the park.

“I brought it to my parks board meeting yesterday and brought it up as an agenda item to ask how can we be of service to make sure this doesn't happen again,” said Rendon-Delgado.

If you have any information about this case, contact the Austin Police Department at 512-472-TIPS. You can report any information anonymously.