Texas Senate honors Bakari Henderson and family

They were presented with a resolution, honoring the college graduate who was beaten to death in Greece earlier this month.

Bakari Henderson was no stranger to the senate floor. The state senate paused to acknowledge the slain 22-year old.

"He was also one of our own, having served both as a messenger for the Texas Senate and as an intern for Speaker Joe Straus,” said Sen Kirk Watson.

Henderson was beaten to death outside of a bar in Greece while visiting. The Austinite graduated from Hyde park Baptist High and was granted a full ride academic scholarship to the University of Arizona where he finished just this year. Monday, the senate presented his family a resolution in his honor.

“He had an ultimate plan of building a multifaceted international business enterprise and he was an enthusiastic traveler,” said Watson.

“We think it's a great honor to have the Senate recognize Bakari,” said Jill Henderson, Bakari’s mother.

His family, showed up in numbers, despite dealing with the tragic sudden loss.

“It just lets us know people are still thinking about Bakari and his legacy,” said Henderson.

After just 22-years, Bakari seems to have made an impact that surpasses his years. And his loved ones, along with the Senate are making sure that nobody ever forgets that.