Third suspect named in second day of Greg Kelley hearing

Bombshell moments in day two of the Greg Kelley hearing. As Kelley's attorneys try to prove his innocence, a Texas Ranger says he is one of three possible suspects believed to have forced children to perform lewd acts in a day care.

On Thursday, court began by Greg Kelley's former attorney Patricia Cummings taking the stand. 

She said she was referred to represent Kelley back in 2013 by Shama McCarty, the owner of the daycare where two children said they were forced to perform lewd acts. Kelley lived in the household while his parents were undergoing medical treatment.

Also in the house was Shama McCarty's son Jonathan.

When asked if she knew the two teens looked alike she conferred with the judge as to whether she should answer, citing attorney-client privilege and then said this...

"And so was I aware that there was a resemblance? Sure I was."

Cummings also testified that she was asked to look into Jonathan as a possible suspect. "I do recall talking to a few different people about, is it possible that Jonathan could've been involved, yes."

Tracey Anderson was one of those people who urged Cummings.

"She held up her hand in front of me and she said we're not going to go there," said Anderson.

Anderson is the mother of Kelley's girlfriend. She felt there was a conflict of interest from the get-go because Cummings represented one of Jonathan's brothers years prior to Kelley going to trial.

"The fact that she had represented Shama's older son is a red flag to me because i just couldn't figure out why is she protecting Jonathan?" said Anderson. "Or what is it? Why won't she go there because it something to me that's an obvious thing needs to."

The most shocking moment of the day came when Texas Ranger Cody Mitchell took the stand.

He said Jonathan had images of child pornography and admitted to others he did the crime on multiple occasions. He then said Kelley and McCarty and a third person are all under investigation as possible suspects.

The Texas Ranger says this is an active investigation. Again, Kelley cannot be ruled out

The hearing starts back up Friday and that is expected to be the final day.