Thrall PD needs help finding forever homes for dogs in their temporary kennels

The Thrall Police Department said their dog kennels are full and they need adopters as soon as possible.

Here's the catch,  they don't even have an animal services program in their city, but the chief of police said he won't put dogs down and has kept some of them now for years.

“This one was picked up as a puppy at a local convenience store and has been in this cage ever since,” Thrall Police Chief Whitney Whitworth talked about Tootie a possible red healer that has spent all three years of her life in a kennel at the Thrall City Yard. 

Next pin over, you’ll find Munchkin and J.J.  They also have spent quite some time in kennels at the city yard being there more than a year. In the last of four kennels you'll find the most recent addition, a little bully looking dog that doesn’t have a name yet.

Chief Whitworth said they don't have an animal services program but they keep the kennels just in case.

“We have a lot of animals we feel get dropped off, they will just appear in the city. We've never seen them before and in a town this small, usually when you patrol, you'll see a lot of the different animals,” he said.

The chief, a known animal lover chooses to take care of the animals rather than put them down. The dogs do get a break from being in their kennels, when the maintenance supervisor who's also an animal lover, comes every morning and cleans their kennels and lets them out to run around.  

Don't mess around in this chief's town though, if the dogs were abandoned, lost, or taken away from bad situations, if he finds out who did, he will take care of it.

“If you know who they are they are simply nails and as law enforcement we're the hammer and we'll correct that problem,” he said.

Even if it takes years, they will make sure the pups that end up in their yard find forever homes.

“Normally we have real good luck adopting them out. I’ll put them on the police Facebook page or the community watch page and a lot of times we will get lucky and get them adopted out. We just had a bad run lately. I do have a soft heart for animals. We like to find them all good homes if we can,” Whitworth said.

For more information on how you can adopt the dogs, you can go to this Facebook page, and call the Thrall Police Department.