Travis County, other agencies provide help for flood victims

The water is now starting to recede and some who live along Lake Travis are removing debris from their homes.

For Robert Burns, helping his fellow neighbor was a no-brainer. That's what we caught him doing Wednesday afternoon. “She is recovering from cancer. She was in the process of attempting to clean her yard up by herself. Her mobile home was condemned by somebody during the flood and they hauled it out and left the place is just an absolute mess,” said Burns.

He lives just down the road from graveyard point. His home flooded along with the others. “It probably wouldn't hurt to have porta potties out here, especially for the houses that are completely gutted and there are volunteers and some contractors working on them,” said Burns.

Travis County along with at least nine other agencies are stepping in to help.

This week they have been signing up people at the Emmaus Church, to receive help. But people can get these services anytime, by just calling, that's the message officials want to send.

“We have health and human service here who are able to offer food baskets, food boxes. We offer home repairs, muck and gut, we go in a clean out the homes. We also offer some form of financial assistance,” said Christine Brown, deputy emergency management coordinator.

Wednesday morning there was a steady influx of people, many of them live in Graveyard Point.

“For people come back and look at the damage they've gone through and suffered, sat there in water for weeks. That's a lot to go in and see all their things that are damaged from mildew and mud. Many people have lost their homes, and we just want to at least say the county is here, state is here as well as local non-profits,” said Brown,

The flood was weeks ago, but it’s clear there is still much work to do, howevern, the work won’t get done overnight. “A lot of people are resilient, Texas is a resilient state,” said Brown.

If you feel there is something you can do to help, donate to the Austin Disaster Relief Network.  

They are one of the major agencies assisting flood victims. You can also visit one of the affected neighborhoods, like Graveyard Point and Hudson Bend and lend a helping hand.