"Trump Unity Bridge" makes a stop in Austin

Crowds gathered at multiple locations in Austin, mainly to take photos and video of what is being called the Trump unity bridge Thursday.

Austin stops included the Cowboy Harley Davidson of Austin, the State Capitol and the University of Texas.

"We've been driving across the country since 2016,” Michigan resident Rob Cortis said. "I've been to all 48 mainland states, with dreams to make it to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico."

Started by Cortis, he says the Trump unity bridge is a custom built work of art that has a built in sound system allowing speeches to be given anywhere at any time. The bridge has traveled 165,000 miles and the tour is fueled by donations across the U.S.

"The Pope says Trump needs to build bridges not walls,” Cortis said. "And I woke up the next morning saying you know what I have a bridge. Trump needs to unite America, the Pope says build bridges so I'm going to make a Trump unity bridge, a mission from God."

But not everyone was on board.

UT Austin freshman Eric Quintero was coming from a study group when he saw a group of people crowded around the unity bridge.

"Everyone's probably thinking what the hell is he doing here especially at UT,” Quintero said. "Since UT is very liberal and very accepting of everybody. And that right there is just promoting hate."

The Trump unity bridge is fully decorated with American flags and a scale replica of the Statue of Liberty.

"We're also reminding people to judge others by their accomplishments and achievements," Cortis said. "Not by what others may say about them. Or mistakes they may have made in their past."

Most recently Cortis says he built a brick wall symbolizing the start of construction of the border wall.   

"[The bridge is] very disrespectful to the Hispanics on campus especially with what we have to go through,” Quintero said. "I don't have anything to say to them, they're just hateful people. And they'll stay like that it's nothing we can really do about it."