Two arrested in recent string of Austin bank burglaries

A recent string of bank robberies has been put to an end.

Austin police arrested two people who they say are responsible for robbing three banks in less than a week. The first bank robbery was on Friday and the more recent one was Tuesday.

While APD is getting ready to close the book on these cases, there have been a total of 24 bank robberies in the area this year, a number higher than last year.

Three banks robbed in the span of five days. “In all three of these bank robberies the suspect was described as a white male with very similar characteristics,” said officer Destiny Silva with Austin police.

APD was able to make two arrests in the recent string of robberies in the area.

38-year-old Adam Robinson and 26-year-old Jessica Rutherford are charged with their possible connection in these cases. The first robbery took place on Friday at a Wells Fargo bank on Mesa Drive. The next on Saturday at another Wells Fargo this time on Braker Lane.

The more recent was on Tuesday at a Compass bank on Burnet Road.

According to APD all these cases played out the same way. The suspect would walk in and pass the bank teller a note demanding money. He would then leave with an undisclosed amount of cash.

It's at this point things start to change. “In the first and third bank robbery the suspect was described leaving the banks on foot,” said Officer Silva.

In the second case it was reported the suspect left in a white SUV. “Two separate videos were located that linked Robinson to the white SUV,” said officer Silva. After tracking down the SUV police instead found Rutherford. “Placed her under arrest because in an interview she revealed she was involved in all three of these robberies as well,” said officer Silva. DPS later arrested Robinson in Bell County.

“He attempted to make his way northbound on I-35,” said officer Silva.

Overall bank robberies are up in Austin at 24 for the year, this averages out to about two a month. While APD did not say how many bank robberies there were last year they said this year it's much higher with the holidays upon us they say in general violent crimes see a spike.

“Due to stress of the holidays sometimes we can see a rise in violent crimes in general. I can't give you a specific number but again the reminder to the community if you're out and about this holiday season try to be vigilant try to be aware of the surroundings,” said Officer Silva. Right now APD is not certain if these two have any connection to the recent bank robbery in Round Rock.