Two dog owners in Splendora say their pets were poisoned, three died

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SPLENDORA, Texas (FOX 26) — Patricia Harvey found something amiss when she arrived home at around 3 p.m. in the afternoon on Feb. 12.

"We noticed that the gate was standing wide open and then we went over and started looking and noticed that the dogs were cowering down and noticed my one dog was missing," said Harvey.

At first, Harvey thought someone had stolen her dog Bruno. He would return later that night and like three of her other dogs, Harvey said Bruno was acting strange.

"They were violently throwing up and they started having diarrhea started acting really weak, lethargic," said Harvey. "We knew at that point, they had been poisoned."

On Valentine's Day, Bruno died.

"Heartbreaking," said Harvey. "He was my bottle baby. I had him from the time he was seven days old. He was a sweetheart."

After posting her suspicions on Facebook, Harvey said she heard from another dog owner who believed that his dogs were also poisoned on the same day.

"A gentleman here in Splendora, he has three dogs that were also poisoned," said Harvey. "He's lost two of his dogs."

FOX 26 News spoke with Alfredo Barrientos, who said he also believes his two dogs died as a result of being poisoned. He was able to save one of his dogs.

Harvey said she was about to nurse three of her dogs back to health. She had this message for whoever killed her beloved Bruno.

"You need help," said Harvey. "I just don't understand how you can take an innocent animal's life. They did nothing to you."

Anyone with any information about the poisoning cases should contact the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.